David decided he wanted to be a teacher in Year 3, at the age of 8. He was lucky enough to have an inspirational teacher that year who taught him to love the person he was, to make everything - even learning - fun, and to appreciate the people around him. Along the rest of his school journey, he had many other inspiring figures to learn from. With the loss of his Father when he was 12, David saw his teachers, particularly the men, as role models.

When he was interviewed for a position at Notre Dame University in 2004, he was overjoyed at the prospect of being able to be that same role model to a new generation of students. He accepted the position and spent the next 5 years working towards his Bachelor of Education (Primary), majoring in Maths with a minor in ICT.  

In 2011 he began his professional career as a Primary Teacher at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School in Mirrabooka. He was hired as a Year 6 teacher, where he stayed for 3 years, before in 2014 he began teaching the school's Multi Age Group (MAG) class. The class, comprising of 18 musically gift students from ages 9 - 11, was an exciting challenge but seemed the perfect fit for the "music nerd" kid with the love of choral music. He has more recently returned to Year 6 and continues to love shaping bright, young minds. In 2017 he became the Teacher in Charge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at the Mirrabooka Campus.


Teaching Blog

Reflective practice is key to better teaching. Whether it be a positive or negative experience, it is always something we can learn from, if we allow ourselves to reflect critically.

This is a collection of reflections on teaching and learning pedagogy that have prompted me to think more critically about my own best practice.


Curriculum Vitae

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